Brief and Long-Term Absence Forms - Instructors

Information for Instructors

PROCESS FOR: Self-Declaration of Brief Absence (< 48 hours) and
Request for Academic Considerations for Extenuating Circumstances Form (48 < t < 3 months)

NOTE: If a student tries to submit forms to you please advise them that all forms must be submitted to the FEAS Faculty Office, Beamish-Munro Hall, Room 300.

The university does not require verifying documentation from a health care professional when the duration of an acute illness or critically distressing situation is under 48 hours.

Beyond 48 hours students must provide verifying documents.

This sheet outlines the process for an instructor once either one of these forms is submitted to the Faculty Office.

  1. FEAS will email you notifying you that a student in your course has submitted a Self-Declaration of Brief Absence form or Request for Academic Consideration for Extenuating Circumstances form. Please accept the email from the FEAS Office as the official documentation. The student should NOT submit documentation to you directly.
  2. The student will be cc’d on the email that the FEAS Office sends to you.
  3. The student should contact you (normally by email), regarding missed academic obligations.
  4. Please recognize the university’s ‘good faith’ approach and respond with empathy.
  5. Assess missed academic obligations and provide academic alternatives*, while maintaining essential academic requirements and standards.
  6. Instruct TAs, RAs or others who may receive documentation or emails from a student to bring requests to you directly. Please refer them to the FEAS Faculty Office, Catherine Gurnsey, as appropriate.
  7. If you feel that the situation is more complex contact Catherine Gurnsey, FEAS Academic Accommodations Coordinator, in the FEAS Faculty Office; x 78013
  8. Please maintain the student’s privacy and confidentially. Share information only on a need-to-know basis with university personnel who require information in the context of the case.

*These may include, for example, allowing a few extra days to submit assigned work, exempting a student from a test/quiz/midterm, or providing a make-up test/quiz/midterm. NOTE that you are not obligated to provide a makeup test/quiz/midterm, and for final exams it is possible to use the Supplemental exam in Orientation week (Frosh) as the makeup exam. If the situation is complex or you have further questions about appropriate academic alternatives please contact the Associate Dean.