Scott Yam

Associate Dean (International & Special Projects) - currently on leave

Scott Yam

With the marketplace becoming more global, international experience has become an essential component of a complete engineering education. Increasingly, employers are expecting graduates to be not only competent in their individual technical expertise, but also comfortable in executing and leading projects across different time zones, cultural groups and geographical boundaries.

At the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, we are creating such an experience for the students who decide to stay at Queen's, and for the student who venture to go abroad. At the undergraduate level, the current exchange program allows engineering students in their third year to spend one to two semesters overseas, and we are working to expand the twenty some international exchange partners to cover emerging economies in Asia, South America and Europe. Degree-seeking international students are encouraged to apply to our various engineering programs, and collaborations are actively sought with university partners in Asia, Africa and South America on dual-degree programs. Their presence contributes to a diversified and international campus experience.

In addition to the formal programs and exchanges, a number of volunteer, internship and scholarship opportunities are also available to promote mobility in the international workplace. If you are interested in doing something different for your engineering education, whether it be learning a new language or providing clean water to a mining community, please take the time to go through the resources in the faculty and contact me at

This could the beginning of a great adventure!

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