Cloud Backup


What is it?

Your Faculty IT group offers a backup service for administrative and research computer systems.

The service is provided by ThinkOn, a partner of ORION (Ontario Research and Innovation Network). ThinkOn relies on well-established software from Commvault. Additional information is available here.

Backup occurs automatically through a low-impact client installed on your server or desktop computer. Backups are monitored by Faculty IT staff, who will assist with setup and help with restore when necessary.

Backup data travels securely and encrypted across the ORION research network and stays within Ontario. Using the ORION network ensures that fastest possible backup and restore speeds.


$35 per month per device

$0.06 per month per gigabyte of stored data

For example, two servers with a total storage of 1 TB would cost $131.44 per month (2 x $35 + 1024 * $0.06). These costs are passed on directly from ThinkOn; we do not charge for Faculty IT support. You provide a Chartfield account for invoicing.

ThinkOn charges for storage after de-duplication; identical files stored over successive backup sessions are only charged once.

How do I get started?

Send an email to and we'll get in touch for the details.