Beamish-Munro Hall Building Evacuation Plan

1. Beamish-Munro Hall Building Evacuation Plan

1.3 Preparedness and Prevention

  1. Familiarize yourself with the location and use of all fire extinguishers, fire alarm pull boxes, and fire exits in your area.
  2. Report any matters relating to fire hazards to the department safety officer.

1.4 In Case of Fire

  1. Notify others in the immediate area that there is a "FIRE".
  2. Leave the fire area and close the doors & windows. Activate nearest wall-mounted fire alarm.
  3. Do not attempt to extinguish the fire if you cannot do it safely.
  4. Assist physically impaired to a safe location (stairwell or office with a telephone). Check to ensure area has been evacuated.
  5. Leave building promptly (do not use elevator) Phone the Emergency Report Centre at 36111 or 9-911.
  6. Do not re-enter building until authorized to do so by the Fire Department.
  7. Remain in the area to guide Fire Department to scene of fire and location of physically impaired.

1.5 When Fire Alarm Sounds

  1. Leave the building quickly through the closest fire escape exit (note “Exit” signs throughout the building). Do not use elevator.
  2. FEAS staff based in Beamish-Munro Hall should proceed immediately to the staff muster point on the northwest corner of Division & Union Streets.
  3. The designated BMH fire marshalls and the BMH safety officer will perform a sweep of Beamish-Munro Hall to ensure that all occupants proceed to the closest exit and onwards towards their designated muster point (see 1.5.2 for staff)
  4. Be available to the safety officer and fire marshalls to pass on any information.
  5. Verify that all personnel are safe and accounted for once they are out of the building.

1.6 Building Exits

  1. First Floor: Follow the exit signs. Exits are available at the base of each of the three stairwells, two exits on the east side of the building, one on the north side of the building and the front entrance at the southwest corner of the building.
  2. Second Floor: Follow the exit signs. Exit via the entrance on the east side of the building or proceed to one of the three stairwells and exit the building at the base of the stairwell.
  3. Third Floor: Follow the exit signs. Descend via one of the three building stairwells and exit the building at the base of the stairwell.