Prototyping Equipment

Prototyping Equipment

The ILC workshop (108 & 108a) provide students with a diverse array of tools, equipment, and technology to assit with the development of prototypes for assignments, projects, and research.

The hand tools, power tools, and floor standing machines are all available for students to use on completion of safety training (provided by Mike Vanberkel) and machine specific training (Mike Vanberkel or Steve McNally). 

The workshop also offers students and researchers 3D printing, laser cutting/engraving, circuit board engraving, CNC machining, non-structural welding, and 24" wide colour printing.  All these services are operated by either Mike Vanberkel or Steve McNally and are billed at cost-recovery (includes material, machine maintenance, tooling, and technoligist/technician time).

- Plotter charges: $5 per 36"x24" (Arch D) sheet

Mike Vanberkel or Steve McNally