Registration for QUIP Students

Q. What are the internship courses?

A. While you're on internship you are enrolled in APSC 301 (Spring/Summer), APSC 302 (Fall), APSC 303 (Winter) and APSC 304 (Spring/Summer). These courses allow the Faculty office to grade you on your internship and they also hold your registration here at Queen's while you're away.

Q. How do I register in the internship courses?

A. Fill out the QUIP Enrollment Form and submit the form to the Faculty office.  The QUIP Assistant will add these courses for you, and drop your core courses.

Q. What are the fees for internship courses?

A. Internship fees can change from year to year and are based on Domestic or International tuition rates. Internship students are considered Part-Time. For up-to-date amounts, contact the Office of the University Registrar. Visit the tuition fees webpage.

NOTE: if you decide to take a online course while you're on internship - - your fees will increase accordingly!

Q. When I have completed my internship what do I do?

A. The spring before you plan to return to classes, contact your department (Civil, Mech, Mining, Elec, etc.). Let them know you're coming back in the fall! The Undergrad Assistant in your department will be able to help.

If you have any other questions about registration - - contact us at (613) 533-2055 or send us an email: