Expectations Employer/ Student/University

Expectations of the University that are the same for both Interns & Employers:

The University will provide opportunity for employer feedback on the performance of the Intern, through the QUIP Coordinator. Interns and Employers will be given the opportunity to provide the University with feedback on the Internship program. The University will share any relevant feedback with the Employer.

Intern’s Expectations of the University:

Upon completion of the internship, a position for the returned Intern will be reserved for them in their selected program. The selection of courses offered will allow the academically qualified Intern to complete his/her degree within the anticipated time frame. The university will respond to any questions or concerns the student or employer may have during the internship. The Intern will be considered a part time student and kept informed of significant on-campus developments. The Employer’s proprietary/confidentiality concerns regarding the Intern’s technical report will be respected by the University. The university will award the student with the ‘with Professional Internship’ degree designation upon successful completion of the internship and degree requirements.

Employer’s Expectations of the University:

Candidates will be prepared for the selection process through participation in workshops on job search, résumé and cover letter writing, and interview preparation. Candidates will be advised of their responsibilities and rights as they apply to the recruitment process. That reasonable assistance in the posting of job descriptions, collection of applications, and the co-ordination of interviews will be provided. Administrative services and support will be provided in an equitable manner to all employers. That all employers will be provided with advance notice of any significant changes to program policies and/or procedures. Interns will be prepared for their internships through pre-departure workshops on professional and ethical behaviour in the workplace. The Employer will be provided with the opportunity to provide suggestions for the improvement of QUIP.

Expectations of the Employer that are the same for both University and Intern: 

The Intern’s work activities will be those outlined in the interview/hiring process. It is recognized that some changes may be necessitated by the Employer’s need to react to changing business conditions.  Consideration will be given to the assignment of a mentor to the Intern, preferably one who is external to the Intern’s department. The Intern will be provided opportunity for personal and professional growth. That the Intern will be given ongoing input regarding performance, and areas of weakness and strength, over the duration of the Internship. Suggestions for self-improvement, and performance objectives will be offered. That three performance evaluations (preferably on the University’s form) will be prepared: one at the 4, 8 and 12 month mark of the internship, which will be reviewed with the intern. A plan for the intern’s further development will accompany the four-month evaluation. That the Intern will be provided with a safe workplace adequate for the execution of his work, and that the Intern will have opportunity for association with the Intern’s professional peers and role models.

University Expectations of the Employer:

All internship employment postings and interviews will be conducted through or carried out with knowledge of the Queen’s Career Services (QCS). All offers to potential interns initially be made through QCS. That training will be provided to assist the Intern in fulfilling job responsibilities. Any current/impending issues or concerns that may materially affect the Intern’s employment status will be communicated promptly. Access to the Intern by the University’s program coordinators will be provided as required. That program feedback and suggestions for improvement will be provided.

Intern Expectations of the Employer:

The Intern will be given opportunity to further the Intern’s understanding of their profession, with training and exposure to situations which will enhance their experience. The Intern will be involved in the establishment of her/his assignments. The Intern will be fairly compensated for their work.

Applicable only to Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science Interns:

The Intern will be given opportunity to further their understanding of the engineering profession, with training and exposure to situations which will qualify toward the experience requirements of licensing by the PEO. The Employer may offer guidance in the selection of a topic for the Intern’s technical report, and permission to use a work related subject for it will not unreasonably be withheld. That consideration will be given to the assignment of a mentor (preferably a Professional Engineer in a non-related department).

Expectations of the Interns that are the same for both the University and Employer:

That conduct in the workplace will be guided by the spirit of University’s Code of Conduct. The Intern will comply with the terms of the Employer’s Employment Contract. The Intern will respect the Employer’s confidentiality concerns, and will serve the Employer with pride and respect. The Intern will render service to the Intern’s ability, will be punctual, and work in the best interests of the Employer.

University Expectations of the Intern:

All terms and requirements of the Internship program will be honoured. The Intern will serve the Employer to the best of his/her ability, and render to the Employer value for wages paid. The Intern will expedite and promptly submit the employer’s performance evaluations of the Intern to the Career Services Department. The Internship Coordinator will be informed by the Intern in all cases of difficulty or conflict with interpretation of this agreement. The Intern will advise the Internship Coordinator of any changes in contact/location information.

Employer Expectations of the Intern: 

The Intern will respect the confidentiality of the Employer in all relevant matters in which the Intern may be involved during or after the Internship. The Intern will respect and comply with the terms of the employer’s employment agreement entered into upon hire. That the Intern will be respectful of the Employer’s property. That the Intern will comply with Employer’s internal policies and procedures, including requirements under collective agreements and safety regulations. The Intern will work co-operatively with the other employees of the Employer, and others as designated by the Employer.

Applicable for Applied Science/School of Computing/Arts & Science:

That the required work term report will be completed on the Intern’s own time. The report will be submitted to the Faculty Coordinator according to the deadline set by the Intern’s Faculty.

Overview of the Final Written Report

The report describes the work completed during the internship placement. It documents academic and professional development. It is based on the content of the work you do throughout your internship - the projects you work on, the documents you prepare and submit, the meetings you attend, the committees you sit on, the conferences you attend or present at, and so on. The report writing process involves selecting aspects of the work completed during the placement to describe in some detail.

The Role of the Report

Completing the internship courses requires "... submission of a satisfactory report on the experience within thirty days of completion of the work period".  Interns who return to Queen's in the fall term should plan to submit their reports by September 30, unless specific alternative arrangements have been made. Students whose reports require checking by placement supervisors need to account for any extra time required.

The role of the report in a student's academic program is simple. The general standard for a successful report is that it should demonstrate approximate equivalence between all or part of the placement work. The report should describe how the placement (or major aspects of it) was academically challenging and involved substantive independent work of an applied and/or theoretical nature.

Additional Information

All students registered in internship courses should automatically be enrolled on the corresponding OnQ site. It has additional guidelines as well as examples of reports from previous interns.