Dean's Research Fund: List of Recipients

Past recipients of the FEAS Dean's Research Fund are:

2017/18 Recipients

Graphene Integrated Functional Technologies (GIFT) Research Cluster

Chemical Engineering
Dominik Barz, Aristides Docoslis, Marianna Kontopoulou, Louise Meunier, Brant Peppley

Photonics Molecular Imaging for Spatially Guided Surgery

Electrical & Computer Engineering
Scott Yam, Parvin Mousavi, Gabor Fichtinger, John Rudan, David Berman

Analysis & Prediction of Legacy & Emerging Contaminant Discharge & Mixing in the Great Lakes Receiving Environment

Civil Engineering
Pascale Champagne, Leon Boegman, Yves Filion, Geoffrey Hall

Off-Road Mobile Robotics Initiative

Mining Engineering, Mechanical & Materials Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Joshua Marshall, Brian Surgenor, Keyvan Hashtrudi-Zaad, Qingguo Li, Laeeque Daneshmend, Sidney Givigi

An Affordable and Intelligent Wearable System for Overuse Injury Prediction and Prevention

Mechanical & Materials Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Michael Rainbow, Ali Etemad

2016/17 Recipients

Queen's University Centre for Biofabrication

Chemical Engineering
Brian Amsden, Laura Wells, Lindsay Fitzpatrick, Carlos Escobedo

Customizable bio-sourced polymers for materials, environmental and structural applications

Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering
Michael Cunningham, Pascale Champagne, Amir Fam, Colin MacDougal, Juliana Ramsay

Fractured Rock Aquifer Groudwater Labs

Civil Engineering
Kent Novakowski, Pascale Champagne, Geoffrey Hall, Bernard Kueper, Steven Liss
Xudong Liu, Kevin Mumford, Juliana Ramsay, Kela Weber

Millimeter-wave microfluids for wireless systems

Chemical Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Carlos Saavedra, Carlos Escobedo

Metal Additive Manufacturing: Design, Material, and Process

Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Mark Daymond, Il Yong Kim

Bio-Inspired Propulsion for Next-Generation Autonomous Vehicles

Mechanical & Materials Engineering
David Rival, Michael Rainbow