The Quadruple Threat

Sings, dances, acts... engineers

Joey Frolinger performing

"School isn't all about the academics." Some may say this does not apply when you are an engineering student but Joey Frohlinger is out to prove them wrong. When it comes to keeping busy and maintaining an awesome resume, Joey has it covered. Director of IT for the Engineering Society, tap teacher at 5678 Dance Studio, president of Queen's only LAN club, QLAN, and member of Sci' 13's intramural men's soccer team are only a few of Joey's extracurriculars, and that's just this year.

Joey is in his third year at Queen's pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering. How Joey wound up at Queen's had a lot to do with one phone call to the Department of Engineering. The arts was a big part of Joey's upbringing, taking dance and vocal lessons from a young age as well as performing in numerous stage productions. He was not willing to give this up and was determined to find a university that would allow him to do engineering and keep up with dance and theatre. Many of the other universities told him it would be impossible to balance both with the time commitment an engineering degree demanded. Queen's was one of the schools that told him he could.

Joey started taking dance classes at a very young age starting out with ballet and continuing with tap, jazz, hip hop and musical theatre. Growing up he had 7-9 classes a week and near competition time even more with rehearsals. Joey attended the World Tap Dance Competition for Team Canada in Riesa, Germany three times, winning silver medal in 2008 for men's solo and placing 4th in men's solo in 2010. In first year, Joey started off taking tap classes at 5678 Dance Studio in Kingston but in his second year asked to teach. He taught twice a week last year and now teaches three times a week and has been asked to choreograph some competition pieces.

Joey Frolinger dancing

The Department of Engineering suggested that if Joey wanted to continue vocal lessons he enroll in a course through Queen's School of Music. Joey contacted the School of Music and was pointed in the direction of Professor Bruce Kelly who already had another engineer as a voice student. Professor Kelly, teaching at Queen's since 1992, has been a guest soloist for major orchestras across Canada in addition to singing all over Europe. Joey has taken voice with Professor Kelly all three years and plans to continue next year.

In Joey's first year he performed in Queen's Student run Blue Canoe Production's Guys and Dolls. Through that performance he received a summer job at the Thousand Islands Playhouse performing in Blood Brothers as a professional actor. In second year Joey earned one of the lead roles as Stine in QMT's City of Angels. This year he plans on focusing more on his engineering studies and does not expect to perform in any shows during the school year.

Joey Frolinger - Queen's Engineer

And if all of this was not enough, Joey was a First Year Student Blogger for Queen's Engineering and has been very involved with the Engineering Society since his first year. Always good with computers, he was a Computer Manager under the Director of IT for his first two years and is now the Director of IT himself. This also requires a significant amount of time with two office hours a week, multiple meetings a week, and being on call practically 24/7 for any Engineering Society IT needs.

When asked how all of this will influence him as an engineer Joey responded, "I think these experiences will give me a unique perspective on problems that people face. Engineering in its essence is the art of solving problems and the more diverse your experience, the more creative ideas you will have when trying to solve a problem."

As for life after graduation Joey would like to continue tap, voice and acting and hopes to find an engineering job that will allow for this. "I think that when I graduate I will weigh my options and be open to everything."

Joey seems to have found the balance between academics and extracurriculars. For those in engineering who do not think they can get involved, it is possible!