For 125 years, our graduates have influenced Canada and the world. Designers. Executives. Programmers. Doctors. Inventors. Astronauts. With over 20,000 Queen’s Engineering alumni around the world, we have leaders in nearly every sector and community. It’s time to come together and celebrate our accomplishments in all of the diverse ways that our graduates improve the world around us.

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Queen's Engineering 125th Celebration Profiles

In honour of our 125th anniversary, Queen’s Engineering will be profiling some of our amazing researchers, students, staff and alumni – the people who make our faculty like no other.

Community Involvement

Our students, alumni, faculty and staff have done some incredible things over the years. Check out some of the more recent events below!

Queen’s Engineering 125th Anniversary Award

In honour of our 125th anniversary, we encourage you to nominate classmates, business partners, mentors and friends – Queen’s Engineers who are leading interesting lives and making noteworthy contributions to society. We will be celebrating 125 alumni, students, faculty and staff, by sharing their stories and their achievements – and we need your recommendations. Submit nominations here.

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