SolidEdge Tips

Tip 1 - Installing Solid Edge CAD Software

Tip updated 2015-08-11

Solid Edge version ST7 can be installed on Windows 7, Windows 8 or 8.1 (system requirements). Please note the following:

  1. The Solid Edge install files are large and will take a long time to download. We recommend you use a high-speed wired connection when installing.
  2. After the install completes, your computer will be rebooted. Save all work before starting the install.

Here are the installation steps:

  1. Go to MyQueensU ( and log in using your NetID and password.
  2. Open the Software Centre and click on the download link for Solid Edge
  3. Save and Run, Open, or Run the self-extracting exe
  4. Click on the security warning to allow it to make changes
  5. Click OK to allow the install to continue.
  6. Click Yes to allow the install process to reboot your computer

Tip 2 - Getting started

To help you get started, go to "Help - Contents" and then read through the following:

  • User Inteface
    • Element and Object Selection
  • Drawing Production Overview / Drawing View Creation
  • Drawing 2D Elements / Geometric Relationships
    • Drawing in Solid Edge
    • Design Modification
  • Create a part
    • Modeling synchronous and ordered features
    • Part modeling workflow overview
    • Drawing sketches of parts

Tip 3 - Producing exploded view in Assembly

  • To produce an exploded view, go to the Tools/Explode-Render-Animate environment and select Auto Explode.
  • If you have difficulties exploding the view using the automatic option, you can make changes using the manual explode tool.

Tip 4 - Fixing Display Problems

  • If you are experiencing problems with display of part models in SE Part or Assembly, there may be a compatibility issue between Solid Edge and your graphics card.
  • One way to work around this is to change the generation of the 3-D model display to "Software Driven" setting.
  • To change this setting:
    1. open a SE Part document
    2. open "Solid Edge Options" by going through the round Application Button in top-left corner; select View tab (see image below)
    3. uncheck "Automatic Selection" under the "Application Display" & choose "Software Driven" from the pull-down list
    4. accept warnings, close the Part file & open it again to activate the new setting
  • If your current setting is "Software driven" and you find the display refresh slow, you can experiment with other available settings under "Application Display".

SE Options Dialog

Revised 2013-09-04