Refreshed Website

Posted on July 24, 2017

The keener-eyed among you will have noticed some changes to the website. We've given it a fresh coat of paint and a tune-up under the hood to lend it a more contemporary look and make sure it works on mobile devices.

The menu has been updated too, but you should find everything pretty much where it always was. One exception to this is the Current Students section. We've given this a makeover so it's a One-Stop-Shop style landing page with, hopefully, everything you might be looking for. We removed the randomly-listed drop-down menu options into the bargain - apologies to those who had grown used to it!

We will continue to evolve the website, giving it a greater internal focus, just as we continue to work on the engineering.queensu website for the external audience. As ever, your feedback will be an enormous help in driving improvements.