Internship & Employment

QUIP - Queen's Undergraduate Internship Program

Students in second or third year may enrol in a five-year "Bachelor of Science in Engineering Degree program with Professional Internship."  Students who complete successfully the requirements of the Professional Engineering program, upon graduating, will receive the designation" B.A. Sc. with Professional Internship" on their transcript.

The requirements for Professional Internship program are:

1) Students must register in the QUIP program and will be enrolled in specific, required Academic Internship courses, depending upon the duration and timing of their internship.

2) To receive a Professional Internship, students must spend a minimum of 12 months, and a maximum of 16 months internship.

3) Students must fulfil the requirements stipulated by their Employment contract, as well as the requirements stipulated by their Academic Internship courses, listed in the FEAS calendar.

4) A student must be in good standing to undertake an Internship.  The minimum ECGPA requirement at the time of application is 1.90, and the minimum ESGPA is 2.0.

5) Undertaking a Professional Internship does not affect in any other way the current academic program of the students- all standard faculty policies apply, with the understanding that students take a minimum of 12 months, and a maximum of 16 months out of their    regular academic programs to pursue Professional Internship.